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A Collaborative Alliance with Team XLink
March 09, 2007
Planex Communications,Inc. (CEO Katsuaki Kubota., Headquarter: Tokyo Shibuya JASDAQ code 6784) and Team Xlink has made an alliance today for Xlink service, joint development for the new products and joint operation in Japan and Taiwan by using Xlink Kai.
■ Joint development for a next generation XLink
  Planex communications and Team Xlink will develop together for a next generation of Xlink Kai. Also it will be able to make the non-network game playable for network pley fight or collaboration fight over Internet environment by combining Planex's device and Xlink's technology. The capable game soft will be from console to handheld.
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■ Orbital server operation and maintenance for Japan, Taiwan, and Asian countries
  The dedicated server will be set up in several locations, including Japan, Taiwan and some Asian countries. The maintenance will be handled by Planex. Through this support, many Xlink users will be able to enjoy the service with stable environment.
Reference URL: http://www.teamxlink.co.uk/
■ An official Japanese Xlink website
  Planex will provide an official Japanese website of Xlink and will be available soon. By this support, download, User registration, manual will be translated in Japanese. This will make Japanese users more easy access and usage for Xlink kai.
■ Japanese version of Xlink Kai
  Planex has a plan to release Japanese version of Xlink Kai for the Japanese users in order to set up easily.
■ XLink Kai Operative models
<IEEE802.11b/g Wireless LAN USB adapter>
GW-US54Mini2G [An adapter for network play for Handheld game device / Gamelink XII]
GW-US54Mini2W [IEEE802.11g/b Wireless LAN USB Adapter White]
GW-US54Mini2B [IEEE802.11g/b Wireless LAN USB Adapter Blue]
GW-US54GXS [IEEE802.11b+g Wireless LAN USB Adapter]
GW-US54GD [Wireless LAN USB Adapter with Access Point search function]
About Planex Communications, Inc.

Established in July, 1995. Planex Communications became public company in 2001 at JASDAQ. The main products are network related devices such as routers, wireless LAN devices for consumers and VoIP devices, L2/L3 PoE swithes for Enterprises, Schools, Government, Public Institute along with products planning, development, sales.
In 2005, bought out Trister company who develops software for cellular phone. Planex will develop service and technologies for celluar phone and related network devices from now on.

About Team XLink

Team XLink is a collaborate project started March 2003 to provide console gaming enthusiasts a completely free solution for playing with one another around the world. Using Team XLink software and infrastructure, games which are designed to run over Local Area Networks are playable over the Internet. Many XBox, PS2, and PSP titles are supported and XLink software runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems. All XLink software and services are free of charge and contain no banners or other overt advertising. XLink connects people from all over the world through the medium of online gaming."

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