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4 Ports Wireless Broadband Router
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Manual QIG Specification
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Driver, Firmware, Utility
Type Version Language Date File
Firmware V 1008 English Aug. 16, 2004
Firmware V 1007 English Jun. 02, 2004
Firmware V 1.0 release 05 English Mar. 25, 2004
Firmware V 1.0 release 02 English Mar. 15, 2004
Release Note
Version Release Note
V 1008
  • Fixed Access Control problem.
V 1007
  • Fixed Netmeeting doesn't work when enable DMZ and application to the same PC.
  • Remove the DNS proxy to avoid the hung up problem.
V 1.0 release 05
  • The Access Control function can't block the MSN Messenger Services.
  • The Access Control function can't block outbound Netmeeting Services.
  • Can set four WEP encryption Key value but after pressing Apply button only have one WEP Key value can use.
  • After Backup Config then recover factory default value and Restore Config, some setting can't backup(For example: Wireless Region, WEP, login password, DDNS, Hostname … etc.)
  • In Wizard, select fixed IP doesn't check DNS IP.
  • Fixed link disconnection problem.
  • Device name to PLXXXX
  • Timezone default value to (GMT+08:00)Taipe.
V 1.0 release 02
  • After choosing the Wireless Region, Channel No. Inaccuracy, will only show 1~ 6 Channel .
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