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IEEE802.11g Wireless Mini USB dongle
User's Manuals, QIG( Quick Installation Guide ), Specifications
Manual QIG Specification
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Driver, Firmware, Utility
Supported OS Type Version Language Date File
Windows Driver V 4.11 English, Chinese traditional Jul. 10, 2006
3.82 MB
Utility V
Windows Driver V 4.7.0816.2005 English Feb. 21, 2006
3.21 MB
Utility V 1.0.1102.2004
Linux Driver V English Jun. 27, 2005
206 KB
Windows Driver V 2.23.0214.2005 English May 11, 2005
3.10 MB
Utility V 1.0.1102.2004
Release Note
Version Release Note
V 4.11 X-link support .
V 4.7.0816.2005 Change U/I logo from Planex to PCI.
V For Linux.
V 2.23.0214.2005 Default Version.
For Macintosh users:
Please extract update files from compressed file,using StuffIt Expander and so on.
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Important Notice:
This firmware is dedicated to this product. It does not work with similar products including its parallel imports. We assume no responsibility for product malfunctioning caused by attempts to use this firmware on products other than the our products.
Please contact our Technical Team to get prompt support, or use our FAQ database to find products relate problem and solution.
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