Problem! Part 2 Set up screen does not appear

Set up screen can't be displayed.

(1) Check if "Auto Search" is selected

When you set up as "Automatic Acquisition"
Check if the IP address is obtained correctly.
For this product, IP address is configured as follows.
・For Auto Mode→「」
・For Access Point Mode→「」
・For Converter Mode→「」

And when accessing to this product, your computer needs to obtain "192.168.111.***" for Auto Mode, "192.168.1.***" for Access Point Mode and Converter Mode. (*** is any numbers)

*If you don't know how to check and set up IP address as "automatic acquisition", please refer here.
 (When you connect with Wireless LAN, please right click "Wireless Network Connection" icon.)

(2) Is the mode selector switch in the bottom of this product flipped to "Auto"?

Please check if mode selector switch on the bottom of this product is flipped to "Auto"
*Please check the switch is flipped to "Converter" when using as converter.
*Please refer here to check mode selector switch.


(3) If you know how to check the IP address of the computer or broadband router above.

If you know how to check IP address of your computer or broadband router described above, please Enter "XXX.XXX.XXX.250" in the address column and try to log in.
*Above "XXX.XXX.XXX" will be same value as your computer or broadband described previous chapter.


(4) When you don't know how to check IP address

If you don't know how to check IP address, please log in as follows.

1 Unplug the AC adaptor which is connected to this product, and turn off.
2 Unplug LAN cable which is connected to this product.
3 Connect AC adaptor and turn on.
   (Do not connect LAN cable to this produce in this case)
4 Please refer to "STEP 4 Set up the internet connection" and log in again.

*"STEP4 Set up the internet connection" is completed, connect LAN cable and restart this product.


(5) Has the WEB browser setting changed? - Proxy

If a proxy server is set up for WEB browser, it will try to connect to the proxy server and accessing to the setup screen may not be available. In that case, please

 ■When using Internet Explorer


(6) Have you changed the WEB browser setting? - Security
If you set up high security setting on Internet Explore, set up screen of this product may not be displayed. In that case, set the security setting on internet explore as "信頼済みサイト" for this set up screen.

 ■Internet Explorer Security Setting

(7) Have you installed security software (virus check, fire wall, etc) ?

If you have installed
Simple firewall function are installed in many of virus check software. Firewall is a function that shuts down the packet (communication) from IP address which is not authorized to access. If this function is active, set up screen may not be displayed properly upon the connection to broadband. If you are using virus check software or internet security software, please stop those software. If you don't know how to stop, please check each manual. of your software.


(8) Is it communicating with the router properly?

How to check
・Check by using "ping" command.


(9) When the above won't solve the problem
  Reset to factory default, and try again.
*Please refer here regarding how to initialize.
(10) When mode selector switch is flipped to "Auto" and security page appears as "Noncompliant"
  If the mode switch is flipped to "Auto" and the security page appears as "Noncompliant", change the operation mode to "Route Mode".
Please refer here regarding how to set up.

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