Windows 7

To do this setting, you must log on as the user who has the same privilege as Administrator.
The following procedures and the displayed windows are shown in the default status of Windows 7.
Each screen on yours might be different from the followings due to Windows 7 settings.


(1) Click [Start].
(2) Click "Control Panel".


Click "View network status and tasks".
*In Icon View, Click "Network and Sharing Center".


Click "Change adapter settings".


(1)Right click "Local Area Connection".
(2) Click "Properties".


(1) Select "Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)".
(2) Click [Properties].


(1) Click "Use the following IP address".
(2) Enter "192.168.111. x" (x is the arbitrary value from 2 to 19 or 51 to 254.Entering the value between 51 and 99 in the case of PC is recommended)*.
(3) Enter "" in "Subnet mask".
(4) Enter "" in "Default gateway".
(5) Enter "" in "Preferred DNS server".
(6) Click [OK].

*Write down these numbers and keep them carefully to be able to refer it any time.
*When setting up multiple devices, be careful not to allocate the same number to each device.


Click [Close] to close all the windows.

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