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Wired/Wireless LAN Pan/Tilt-Compatible Network Camera

「CS-WMV02G」is a network camera which has a web server function and enables to connect to the Internet itself, so that it can be operated pan/tilt from the outside of home.
Use web browser for monitoring your house from outside the home or set up at the front door to monitor.
Also, in addition to the remote pan/tilt function that moves camera up/down and right/left smoothly, it has 400% digital zoom function.
Moreover, IEEE802.11b/g compatible wireless LAN enables to set up on the ceiling or the wall that is hard to make a wire connection.


Internal Microphone
  Not only the images but also detect the voice with internal microphone. It enables to know the circumstances that is hard to know by only images.
MPEG-4 for image data compression
  It supports MPEG-4 which is optimal for sending images with an excellent compression and that makes saving space of hard disk and keep ing quality images at same time.
Dynamic DNS function
  By using dynamic DNS function, in case you don’t have a global IP, you can use your own domain(Host name) in the public server and monitor the camera image from outside.
  * Available DNS service of CS-WMV02G
  ・CyberGate - DDNS -
  ・At Net Home (Support with Firmware version 0201b)
  ・DP21 (Support with Firmware version 0201b)
Wide range pan/tile by remote
From the web browser, it can be controlled for Pan(horizontal head swing) and Tilt(Vertical head swing).
It supports Horizontal 350 degree(±175 degree), Vertical (+90 degree, -35 degree) which covers all of the area.
*Pan/Tilt → The function that moves the camera head for up/down and right/left.
Set up on the ceiling or the wall
  Since the image can be rotated up/down and right/left, CS-WMV02G can be set up anywhere like the ceiling or the wall. It has bracket for mounting .
Dynamic body detection and alarm function
  It has dynamic body detection which senses the motion within the rage of the camera. It enables to notify the change of image of the camera or send out the snap shpt by email or upload the images to FTP server.
Multi-function utility software
  By using the accessory utility software, the following functions can be used.
*The utility software is compatible only with Windows XP+SP2/ Server2003/ Vista(Japanese version). It won’t be able to use with Mc OS, Linus.
  - Real time recording/play back with sound
  It can record the camera images with sound easily to the hard disk of the computer. Images can be searched with the search function or convert to bit map data. It also can be printed.
  - Control the direction of the camera
  It can control the Pan(horizontal head swing) and Tilt(Vertical head swing).
Not only for this, but also set back to the pre location that indicated by the web browser.
  - Connect 16 cameras at maximum.
  It enables to monitor 16 cameras simultaneously at maximum. This will provide the efficient monitoring without changing the set up or screen.
  - Video Recording schedule
  It enables to set up the specific date/time and control start/stop of the video recording. It enables to start recording at specific day, hours, auto detect, external sensor’s trigger.
  - Limit recording capacity
  It enables to the maximum recording data capacity and delete automatically when it reaches to the capacity.
  • It supports only Internet Explorer for a web browser control.
  • In order to use Dynamic DNS, the account registration is required preliminary. Refer each web site for detail service.
  • In order to use WPA, the wireless device that intends to connect has to support WPA function as well.
  • The numeric number shown here is a theoretical maximum number and not an actual number.
  • This product is recommended to use mainly inside of the house. Avoid the direct sun light spot for set up because it may cause the trouble to show incorrect image or destroy the camera parts.
  • This product is not a water proof nor drip-proof.
  • The Wired/Wireless are exclusion use.
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