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Gigabit SOHO NAS

Planex NAS-01G is a high-speed, economical, powerful NAS (Network Attached Storage) .Especially suitable for small business, SOHO (Small Office or Home Office) or personal data sharing requirement . Planex NAS-01G supports Gigabit high-speed transmitting rate and EXT3 file format to make efficient data sharing.
It also provides a mutiple data sharing way with supporting FTP and SMB server and allows users in a LAN to easily backup data or share files through intranet/internet. With Unicode supported, the device is compatible to multilingual file name. Along with the embedded two USB ports that give a convenient connection for printer and USB storage usage, Planex NAS-01G NAS leads you to an unobstructed network.

New Added Functions of NAS-01G
All you have to do is upgrade your NAS-01G into V 3.33 version, you may enjoy the hottest new functions.
As long as NAS-01G connects with any digital multimedia appliances supporting DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), there's no need complicated setup and you can effortlessly play those digital files stored in your NAS. It helps to build your digital home easily.
Even if your TV doesn't support DLNA, you don't have to worry about it. All you need to do is connect PlayStation® 3* with NAS-01G, and then you can use your home TV or stereo sets to play movies, animations, or music stored in NAS-01G.
* The system software of PlayStation┬« 3 has to be above version 1.80 to support DLNA. Therefore, please upgrade the system software of your PlayStation® 3 into version 1.80 or above to play the digital files on NAS-01G. To see more details, please refer to the official website of PlayStation® 3.
* PlayStation® is the registered trademark of Sony computer Entertainment.
iTunes Server can share music with multiple computers on the Internet. Users may store music files on NAS-01G in advance, and then open the iTunes on one computer; the other devices can share iTunes through Internet automatically. You don't need to repeatedly store the same music files on every computer; still, you can enjoy the music stored in NAS-01G through Internet.
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