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Wireless-N 300Mbps Multi Pocket Router

Product No. MZK-MF300N
MZK-MF300N is wireless LAN main unit with a switch witch changing the function to Auto (change of Router/Access point), Access point and Converter.
In the Auto mode, it will identifications the type of the network you have automatically, so it can use the connected client device without changing the settings even if the net work environment has changed. In the Access point mode it can (e.g. in a hotel) easily create a wireless environment. The Convert mode can offer a wireless solution for all Ethernet port installed wired network device, including gaming consoles.
It’s the smallest wireless LAN Multi-Function pocket router in the world and you can carry it with you together with an iPhone and iPad which deed a wireless environment.

You can freely choose the mode you want: Auto, Access point, Converter.

In the Automatic-Mode (automatic switching of router / access point) it’s supporting all types of internet network. Once you plug in, the best fitting settings will be chosen automatically and you’ll be connected in the ideal mode. Then you can use the access point mode, and furthermore a wireless environment for devices which are connectible to LAN can easily be created by switching over to converter mode.
  • For details concerning the method of the different settings, please refer to the manual.

Pre-installed Auto-Mode judging network environment and automatically setting the mode.

Setting the switch to “Auto” it will be judged whether the modem has a router function or not, and it will automatically choose router mode or access point mode. Even if you are using a wireless LAN for the first time, you’ll have no problems whatsoever to connect.

Automatic energy saving design with it’s Active ECO is absolutely state-of the-arts

使We installed for you this Active ECO function which controls automatically the electric energy in accordance with the state of usage. It will hold down the energy volume to a maximum of only 0.5 W. It will automatically control the energy which fits for a connective state of wireless LAN and cable LAN, or a transmission state. Without a cumbersome setting or pushing buttons, as it was usual up to now, an economic energy use is ensured whereby without even realizing it an ideal energy saving will become reality.

ECO-design, gentle toward nature! Green AP-function installed!

Using this “Green” AP-function you can adjust the wireless power output according to weekday and time of the day, ensuring thereby not only a stronger energy saving but also higher security.

Various connection with wireless LAN(n/b/g support) for PC, game device , Smart-phones.

By using the high-speed wireless LAN-norm IEEE802.11n a though-put up to 300Mbps(theoretical value) becomes possible. Even in places where the incoming waves were hitherto faint or weak due to speed, or where the waves could not reach the device due to a hindrance a stable connection is guaranteed. Since it will of course still be possible to connect with IEEE802.11g/b, connecting to devices like game consoles not supporting IEEE802.11n will be no problem, too.
  • For communication in IEEE802.11n specification it is mandatory that the receiving side’s device is supporting IEEE802.11n, too.

Enjoy the Wi-Fi connection! The connection for iPhone4/iPad has been confirmed

The connection for iPhone4/iPad has been confirmed. When your home is wholly made Wi-Fi environment, you can enjoy the iPhone4 / iPad without choosing the place.

300Mbps with smallest size in world and convenient to carry.

11n supported with the compact size of 75mm in width, 19mm in height, and 54mm in depth, use it without using much space. So you can carry it to a business trip or a travel, very carefree.
  • Searched in 2010.7

Supporting multi-SSID

You can use the different SSID according to the different security levels of your various wireless devices.
For example, you can setup it to WEP when you connect the game console, and setup it to WPA2 for the PC’ connection. The 5 types SSID can be setting for your connections.

Supporting WPS (Easily wireless connecting function)

Just pushing the WPS button you can work wireless; it only remains to connect to a device with network port. Customer with no experience can perform the connecting setup without difficulties.
What is WPS?
  WPS is the abbreviation for “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” and the Specification to finish connecting the wireless LAN device and security setup. Industry group related to wireless LAN "Wi-Fi alliance" decides the specification, and hardware has been recognized since January, 2007. The WPS has a merit of wireless LAN easy setting between the main unit and others client wireless device.
  • Wireless LAN unit needs to be WPS supported
  • Presence and the setting method of the WPS button are different according to the connected wireless LAN adapter, wireless LAN device, game console and PC and whether there is a WPS button or not.

Supporting the Dynamic DNS service

This unit has a refresh function of the Dynamic DNS service. If you input information about user name, password and domain name registered in Dynamic service, the information registered well be refresh automatically.
“The supported Dynamic DNS service”
  ・DynDNS http://www.dyndns.org/

Supporting UPnP (Universal plug and play)

Since it supports UPnP, every single setting when using the network application will turn out very simple. All functions of Windows Messenger and Windows Live Messenger, applications supportive of UPnP will be fit for use.

Wireless Interactive network between different makers is guaranteed. (Wi-Fi certificate acquired)

Guarantee for communication without problems between productions we procured ourselves with a WiFi certification by which a smooth communication between products from different manufactures is guaranteed. It’s a certification under strict conditions by issued by WiFi Alliance for passing the transmission test. The logo guarantees the correct connection between products from different manufactures.

RoHS correspondence

Throughout the life cycle of this product, from production to scrap, this product supports RoHS, which is to limit the usage of harmful substances such as lead, cadmium, liquid silver, hexavalent chrome, polybrominated biphenyl, Polybrominated diphenyl ether.
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