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IEEE802.11N Wireless USB Broadband Router with USB port
MZK-W04NU is a multi-function device which provides shared broadband Internet access for all LAN users and 4-Ports switching hub for 10/100 Base-T connections.
MZK-W04NU has embedded with IEEE802.11b/g and IEEE802.11n wireless communication standard. All the PCs and network devices, including PDA, mobile phone, game console and other digital appliances, with wireless functions can surf online wirelessly through MZK-W04NU wireless broadband router. Cooperate with IEEE802.11n wireless adapter, MZK-W04NU can let data transmission rate up to 300Mbps! With all these features, MZK-W04NU Wireless Router must be the best solution for both beginners and advanced users.
Compatible with IEEE802.11n
  It is compatible with the regulation of next generation high speed wireless LAN IEEE802.11n. At maximum, 300Mbps through put can be achieved. This enables to receive the steady connection at isolated place or blocked blind corner by multiple antenna reception.
Support WPS (Wi-Fi protected setup)
  You just need push button that can easy to setup wireless Internet and security setting.
Atheros AR9132 built in.
  This chipset is supported by OpenWRT.
BitTorrent supported
  "MZK-W04NU" supports BitTorrent for efficient file downloading in narrow/broad band.
BitTorrent is the large file distribution system. One of the assets of this BitTorrent is that downloading will be more efficient and fast as the file become popular and popular.
iTunes Server function supported to share the music
  By saving music data in USB connected hard disk to a router, it enables to listen them with multiple PC. By this function, each PC doesn’t need to save music. Also by connecting iPod to USB port of a router, LAN connected PC can play its music. (Compatible file format is only FAT32)
DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance)
  So long as connect MZK-W04NU to digit multimedia equipment which supports DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance ) , does not need miscellaneous settlement , can broadcast the digit content stored in NAS easily , let you make the digit family life easily.
Serves as NAS with additional hard disks
  MZK-W04NU is equipped with ONE USB 2.0 ports, and supports NAS (Network Attached Storage). The product serves as network storage when a USB hard disk is attached to it up to 1.5TB(*), and files in the hard disk can be shared throughout the network via the router. The product also supports USB flash memory.

* Seagate ST31500341SA 1.5TB HDD already passed compatible test.
3dBi powerful antenna
  The 3dBi antenna provides the increase of connection distance and steady connection for wireless LAN.
Support AP/Router Switching
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