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24 Port Gigabit Switching Hub with Jumbo Frame

Product No. FXG-24IRM2
FXG-24IRM2 has the 24 ports built-in, which supports 1000Mbps wide range bandwidth, and it also supports the jumbo frame, which increases the efficiency of the transferring the packet.
This means, this provides users the comfortable network environment by Gigabit Network.

All ports are Gigabit supported

All ports support 1000Mbps networking speed.
It is very beneficial by fastening the networking speed because the opportunities of using the big capacity multi media data such as streaming videos, images etc.
It also supports 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX, so it enables the users to install into the existing network smoothly.
With high speed ethernet with max networking speed, 1Gbps, it enables to build the wide range networking system with low cost.

High-speed transfer with Jumbo frame

Just by increasing the transfer packet from 1,500 bytes to 9,600 bytes, it decreases the data of header parts and improve the networking efficiency.
This enables users to transfer the large capacity data smoothly.
  • In order to use Jumbo frame, the third party's network device needs to support Jumbo frame.

19" Rack mountable

WIth rack mount clasp, it can be mounted to 19inch rack.

Fanless Structure

Because this applies the fanless structure, you will not need to worry about the noise of the fan even if you set it at the office or the conference room.

All ports support Auto MDI/MDI-X function supported

ALl ports support Auto MDI/MDI-X function and recognize the type of the connection cable (Straight or Cross), thus it avoides the cable trouble in advance.

Flow Control Function

Flow control function is supported, so it avoides the over flow.
It enables the wasteless network.

Store&Forward transfer

Store&Forward transfer method is applied. It stores the data frame in the Buffer memory and checks the existence of the error with FCS (Frame Check Sequence).
Frame with error will be stopped in the Switching Hub, so it avoides the waste traffic happening.

Auto Negotiation Function

With auto negotiation function, it recognizes the network speed and network mode automatically, and complete the best setting for it.

RoHS correspondence

Throughout the life cycle of this product, from production to scrap, this product supports RoHS, which is to limit the usage of harmful substances such as lead, cadmium, liquid silver, hexavalent chrome, polybrominated biphenyl, Polybrominated diphenyl ether.
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