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2.4GHz IEEE802.11g 54Mbps Wireless LAN USB Adapter

GW-US54GXS links network users to LAN services without the hassle of cabling or wiring, which significantly brings mobile workers the freedom of staying connected to the network while roaming around a building or multiple buildings maintaining access to the Internet, e-mail, networked applications, and print services.
This device is the perfect solution for your wireless network applications based on the IEEE 802.11g standard that offers a data rate up to 54Mbps in a wireless LAN environment. It is a high-speed wireless network card that plugs into your system and accesses to the LAN or peer-to-peer networking easily without wires or cables. No matter where it allows you to share printers, files, and other network resources.

GW-US54GXS have Wireless Client、Software AP、Xlink functions, it’s a best wireless product for your choice.
Mode Windows MAC Function
2000/ Me/98SE
*not support intel mac
Use PC/NB to connect to internet
Electronic Piano/Organ/Keyboard can connect to internet
YAMAHA Support List
- NDS can connect to internet by Wi-Fi
Wii can connect to internet
NDS and PSP can connect to internet
"iPod touch" can connect to internet
XP/2000 - Play on line with PSP
Xlink instruction
  *Driver for Windows 7 Vre. update
Wi-Fi certified
  The GW-US54GXS is Wi-Fi certified in the IEEE802.11g data transfer mode. The Wi-Fi certification serves as a guarantee of interoperability between wireless devices from different vendors.
Supports multiple communication modes
  In addition to Ad Hoc mode (802.11 Ad Hoc) for direct wireless communication between wireless devices, the product supports Infrastructure mode in which wireless communication is performed via access points (AP).
Simple software AP function
  Support software of bridge on Win 98SE, WinME, Win2000, WinXP
USB Plug & Play
Low power consumption
Let's enjoy a music!
  Electronic Piano/Organ/Keyboard can connect to internet.
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